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The Certainty You Need

Charter Wire purchases the vast majority of its raw material from its sister company, Charter Steel. Charter Steel is a leading provider of special bar quality (SBQ) steel rod and wire for highly engineered products, including bearing, cold heading, cold finishing and high carbon applications. Charter Steel has over one million tons of electric arc furnace melt and hot roll capacity between its Saukville, Wisconsin, and Cleveland, Ohio, mills.

Thanks to this vertical integration, Charter Wire offers the industry’s shortest lead times, world-class on-time delivery, maximum material yields and virtually no risk of service interruption. Our technical expertise in melting, hot rolling and cold rolling processes throughout the steel supply chain – combined with superior levels of service and efficiency – make Charter the ideal supply partner for any cold rolled steel application.

Steel Shipping and Packaging

Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs

Charter Wire offers unparalleled turn-around and on-time delivery. We recognize that our role in your steel supply chain is critical, so we've developed a fast and nimble model to meet your needs. Stock cold finished steel bar can be on the road and headed your way in as little as one day. Plus, we offer a variety of packaging options for stock and custom cold rolled steel bar or wire products.


Talk to one of Charter Wire's expert sales specialists and find out how we can help you meet your specific shipping and packaging needs.

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Value-added Services

Custom Finish or Temper Options

Charter Wire offers different finish options along with custom tempers for cold rolled steel. Our 200,000 square foot facility includes dual zone nitrogen/hydrogen annealing furnaces, and due to our fully-integrated steel supply chain, we are able to source steel for you with the proper balance of raw materials to achieve the desired results in your end product.



Testing Capabilities

Our team of technical experts can perform thorough material testing to ensure your product meets your exact specifications. Charter Wire has an in-house Quality Lab to provide the evaluation, testing, and documentation for your project.

Quality Assurance

Additional Services